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What is iGaming?

Online gaming, also known as iGaming, is the practice of playing online casinos and betting on any kind of sports with real money.

What are the different types of iGaming?

Online casinos and sportsbooks are the two primary categories of the iGaming industry. Online sportsbooks primarily take bets on sports events, but online casinos typically provide all varieties of card and table games, video slots, and games of chance.

What is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is an individual or company that sets odds for sporting events and other events and accepts bets on the outcomes. The goal is to refund fewer winnings than bets placed with the bookmaker and to create odds that lead to evenly distributed bets.

What is a Sportsbook?

A sportsbook is a trendy word for a bookmaker that takes bets on sporting events. Even while there are actual physical venues (betting offices or stores), most sportsbooks operate online nowadays.

How to become a bookie and start a Sportsbook?

The first step is deciding which market to enter and get a license. However, certain skills should be developed to become a respected bookie, one of the top professions in the iGaming industry. Read our full guide on how to become a bookie.

Where to get gambling traffic?

Social media and search engines are the main traffic generators for iGaming websites. There are, however, a variety of additional strategies for driving casino traffic. But in this competitive market, iGaming SEO is the best solution.

Do I need a license to operate an online casino?

Yes. Running a casino or betting portal without a license is against the law. The type of gambling license you need depends on many factors, including the kind of gaming you do (online poker, slots, sportsbooks, etc.), where you and/or your players are situated, the currencies used, and more.

How to get an online casino license?

The first stage in getting a license for online gambling is deciding which jurisdiction you want to apply to. However, there are many more elements, which you can learn about in our guide on launching an online iGaming company.

What are the main licenses?

TThe main gambling licenses are the UK Gambling Commission, Curaçao e–Gaming Licensing Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and Gibraltar Gambling License.

How to choose the right software provider?

A good software provider should offer a variety of games because that's what players want. Also, the right provider will have a good reputation, a user-friendly interface, and, most importantly, a license.

What is a White Label solution?

White Label is a web-based solution that enables you to start a project using ready-to-use alternatives. The solutions provided in the iGaming industry under this solution have the potential to be labeled and customized to a client's requirements.

What is Turnkey Solution?

A turnkey solution is the second of the two categories of online solutions. Contrary to a white-label product, the operator of a turnkey solution is entirely in charge of your company's technical and software aspects, while the supplier handles all legal and financial aspects of the services given.

What is a white market in the iGaming industry?

In white market countries, online gambling is allowed and regulated. European countries rapidly accepted the regulated gaming system. So, the white markets are the regulated markets.

What is a black market in the iGaming industry?

On the opposite end are black markets. Countries that participate in the black market have strong gambling laws. Both offline and online gambling is prohibited in black market countries.

What is a grey market in the iGaming industry?

Grey markets are areas that don't overtly prohibit either offline or internet gambling but lack the required permits and regulations to do so.

What is GGR?

The casino and betting industries use gross gaming revenue (GGR), also known as game yield, as a key indicator. Gross gaming revenue is a gambling business's money from bets placed through its system. It is calculated by subtracting the amount wagered from the players' profits.

Is iGaming legal?

Online gambling is restricted or banned in some countries. Most of the European Union's member states, some Canadian provinces, and several Caribbean countries allow it. In many legal markets, online gambling service providers are required to hold some license to offer services or advertise to locals.

How can I get started betting on sports?

Online gambling is restricted or banned in some countries. Most of the European Union's member states, some Canadian provinces, and several Caribbean countries allow it. In many legal markets, online gambling service providers are required to hold some license to offer services or advertise to locals.

What is Volatility?

Slot machine volatility shows how frequently and how much money is won on average. While a slot machine with little volatility gives out small wins quickly, one with high volatility often gives out huge jackpots over time.

What RTP?

Return to Player (RTP) is the average amount of money that online slots or casino games payback to the player over a period.

What is FTD?

The first deposit made by new players on a casino and betting platform is referred to in the gaming industry as "First Time Deposits" (or "FTDs").

What Makes an Online Casino Safe and Secure?

An online casino needs to have a license from a respected agency. Another important component to consider is a random number generator in every game. This shows that every player has an equal chance of winning. Also, SSL encryption technology should be used for all deposits and withdrawals to guarantee complete security.

What are the different types of casino payment methods?

At an online casino, there are various ways to make a deposit. It's a good idea to learn about the house regulations before joining. Finding the most practical, secure, and not simply simple, depositing technique is also essential. So here are the most common payment methods.

  • Card payments
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers
  • Mobile payments
  • Bank transfers

Which online payment methods are safe?

Each payment method we've included on this page has been proven reliable and secure. The majority of the payment methods we looked at for you are used daily by hundreds of thousands of people.

What are Gaming Coins?

Gaming coins combine the two highly profitable businesses of cryptocurrencies and video games. In many online games, the in-game currency is commonly cryptocurrency.

How to choose the right online casino?

Check the casino's reputation, and make sure the casino has a license and has your preferred payment options. Choose online casinos with the best game selection and lowest minimum deposits while also paying attention to their bonuses and promotions.

What are welcome bonuses?

This kind of bonus is also known as a sign-up bonus, first deposit bonus, or new player bonus. You receive it when you sign up as a new player at a casino.

What are reloading or deposit bonuses?

These bonuses are often known as loyalty bonuses. A casino will reward you for your loyalty. You'll receive a bonus equal to a part of your initial deposit.

What are no deposit bonuses?

This type of bonus is exceptional because it allows you to play without putting any of your own money at risk. It means that there is no danger involved in playing for free and winning real money.

What are free spin bonuses?

Free spins are a type of online casino promotion that allows players to play real money slots without risking their own money. The benefit of this casino bonus is the opportunity to earn money without having to invest.

How do slot machines work?

The functions of current gaming machines are carried out by computer technology. Slot machine results are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) program, which selects groupings of numbers to decide which symbols are set to produce winning or losing outcomes.