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Why You Need an Agency that is Expert in Casino & Betting

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If you are into the iGaming industry, it won’t be a surprise that it has great potential in the present and upcoming years. So, the value of the global iGaming market was $64.13 billion in 2020; by 2025, that market is anticipated to increase by USD 125.65 billion. Recent market research shows that the sector has had significant growth in recent years, which is expected to continue. 


iGaming companies need to be straight and sharp not to get lost in the competition and, moreover, become a winner. Becoming a winner for the iGaming companies means having a grown player base, doubling Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), ranking on Google, and increasing retention rates. So, to achieve these goals, companies can’t operate alone; they have to hire someone or an agency to carry out this job. 


Retaining new players in the casino and betting industry must be carefully managed because the audience behaves and engages differently in different markets.


The best and most promising way to solve this is to hire an agency, and in this article, iGaming DEEP.CAST will present the reasons why you need to hire an agency that understands iGaming to outsource. 


Agencies Have the Right Data

Agencies have the right data  


You need a distinct set of data sources compared to other e-commerce businesses to manage your advertising and iGaming marketing as an operator. Odds, sports information, jackpots, and bonuses are important variables. Significant CRM characteristics include deposit value, lifetime value (LTV), and spending history.


When managing programmatic campaigns, such as those for a sportsbook, kick-off times and betting turnover are two of the most effective methods to use to affect bidding and ad price. Team kits, live odds, and jackpot feeds are proficient and right ways to boost CTR in your creative ideas. 


Agencies will Use the Most Effective Strategy

For a successful gambling business; you must discover the appropriate strategy and have the necessary audience data (not just third-party cookies). When a company is experienced in one or several similar industries, it makes them one of the best They constantly have an eye on the industry. Also, all the specialists are there skillful and have the necessary knowledge. 


The most important component and the basis of all effective strategies is knowing the audience well. The agency that understands and is pro at the betting and casino industry knows all the types of players’ preferences and the rules of the games and will play them right. 


Agencies will Hit Right the Campaign Goals

Explaining your company, products, and campaign goals to a new agency is one of the most challenging aspects of collaboration. This challenge can be solved with the right type of agency, as they are in the same play constantly and know all the do’s and don’ts. 


DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING has managed over 100 international sportsbook and casino operators, working on casino businesses’ marketing and branding goals, providing them with social media marketing, casino SEO, search ads, casino logo design, and CRM.


Agencies will Convert More Players

Every region and every market participates in sportsbooks and casinos to a different extent, from the standard steak size and deposit amount to the types of games and markets wagered on.


If you want to acquire the best CPAs and the highest conversion rates, you must understand these details, and you can only accomplish this after you have examined hundreds of ads. Agency expertise in the casino and betting industry can only do this


2022 Dec 22

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