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iGaming SEO. Creating High-Quality Backlinks for the iGaming and Betting Industry


Since there are an increasing number of online casinos available, marketers need to understand the details of iGaming marketing and casino SEO. The iGaming sector necessitates a particular set of SEO tactics. Sports betting, online casinos, virtual sports, and lotteries are just a few of the most well-known categories in this highly competitive industry.


Link building is a crucial part of SEO for the iGaming sector. You’ll be able to establish a strong link profile and improve your chances of showing up on search engine results pages by acquiring backlinks from reputable websites.


Link building is a difficult task in this industry because so many casino affiliates compete for the same high-authority links that would boost their brand in the search results. Similar to keyword research, link building involves a variety of techniques and the creation of a road map for the links you want to secure.


Where can you find reliable links? Which link-building strategies work best for the iGaming industry? What advantages are there? Why is a connection considered high-quality? We’ll try to address all of these inquiries in our blog. 


What Are Backlinks? 

A link from one website to another is known as a backlink. Your website will be considered more reliable and indexed higher if more websites are connected to it. 


Google views backlinks as another website “vouching” for the worth and dependability of your website, whether they result via link-building strategies or arrive naturally. This is essential, particularly for iGaming and casino operators.


Casino Link Building Benefits

The main goal is to route people to landing pages from blog sites by using a list of keywords. We shouldn’t overlook trustworthiness, expertise, and authority when employing this technique.


Create a blog at blog.clubriches.com or under the clubriches.com/blog section; WordPress should preferably power it. Casino, Live Casino, Poker, and General News are blog subfolders where on-site blog pages will be written. Each Blog Page is connected to the best-fitting Landing Page via internal links and a form. For instance: Blog Title: This Weekend’s Best Live Casino Tournaments You Shouldn’t Miss


Links lead to particular betting options or opportunities.


Form Buttons create an Account, Place a Bet, or Win with Clubriches


Link Building


Links from directories, niche listings, and gambling/casino blogs will be sent to landing pages. Links from other websites (news sites, blogs, etc.) will point to on-site blog posts.


Get Listed on Business Directories and Review Sites


Nothing needs to be added. Let’s just try to get listed on all the sites; it will be worthwhile. The most costly component, subscribe to Review Sites (Out of Niche). On Google-friendly review websites like TrustPilot, we can provide examples. Let’s also create accounts on business directories like BBB, GMB, and others.


How to Create Exceptional Casino Backlinks

The first stage in following the best practices for casino backlinks is creating an iGaming backlinking plan that is effective for your company.


Let’s discuss the greatest link-building tactics, so your iGaming business can expand in terms of high-quality backlinking.


How Relevant the Page Is


The audience should be prioritized in iGaming marketing strategies. Consider the page types that will appeal to your audience: What topics do they enjoy reading about? Which scenario would prompt them to immediately click the bookmark icon on their web browser before a poker player?


Most of the work is in choosing whatever content should be linked to your website once this component has been located. You might publish your content on game guides, strategy pages, or odds-tipping websites, depending on the group of the target audience your website actively targets.


Authority of a Website


Several SEO tools offer information on the website’s authority measure. When determining a website’s authority, indicators that the site is a reliable source are considered.


It’s important to remember that not all connections are created equal. Google’s algorithms are continually evolving to take links into account in new ways. Following their comprehension of the value of an iGaming website, the Google bots will classify the link connecting to your website.


Linking Page Type


The best and most appropriate approach to spice up your backlinking technique is variety.


In order to increase ranking, links must be varied. It won’t matter if your links are from a blog, an affiliate website, an iGaming news website, a chat website, or a forum. Your SERP positioning will suffer if you consistently receive links from the same kinds of websites.


Guidelines for Casino Backlinks



Now that we know how to create high-quality casino backlinks, what is the ideal way to put these innovative backlinking strategies into practice?


It depends on how you employ these strategies because backlinks are one of the keys to ranking higher on Google as an iGaming operator or casino affiliate.


Write guest posts


Make guest posts that can be posted on different websites with a focus on your industry. Both the bio and the body copy are good places to provide links to your website.


If you don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to create excellent content, hire a ghostwriter to write your guest articles. 

Just make sure your writer is well-versed in iGaming and can provide a sage opinion on a particular casino or sportsbook issue.


It all boils down to developing a new viewpoint on the matter.


Content that can be shared


Social media is a great place to start for backlinking. If your content is good, it will probably be shared by your followers with an even wider audience on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


Using websites like Quora, you may find out more about the questions people are asking about your industry. Through this method, you might discover fresh viewpoints on hot topics.


Link casino podcasts or videos 


Podcasts are wonderful. Even though they are far from the normal top on-page iGaming SEO strategies, they are excellent for listening to (or watching) when you don’t feel like taking up a book or reading an online article about the business.


Additionally, they have show notes, which are a great way to link the videos and podcasts—each of which is stored on a different platform—to your website. Your backlinking strategy will become more diverse and conventional as a result, making it stronger overall.


Avoid these iGaming Link Building Mistakes


Purchase of casino PBNs


The risk associated with this tactic is rising. It’s still possible for some people, and the cost will likely be far lower than those from trustworthy sources. In general, sponsored links on legitimate, well-researched websites pay a little bit more but perform better and carry a lower chance of being penalized. In general, sponsored links on legitimate, well-researched websites pay a little bit more but serve better and carry a lower chance of being punished.


Misaligning your plan with the resources size of your company


Unfortunately, Google has a negative perception of casino websites and believes that they are poor websites. This implies that it’s crucial to spend a reasonable amount of money on casino link-building services for your website, regardless of the size of your organization. For small businesses, competing with larger websites that are already well-established on search engine results pages will be more challenging (SERPs).


Failing to consider the anchor text profile


A compilation of all the hyperlinks pointing to your website and the anchor text that was utilized makes up your anchor text profile. Take the effort to study the profiles of your top competitors and model your anchor text strategy after them rather than relying solely on generic “best practices.”


Linking to no-follow pages


Google claims that no-follow links are useless for assisting in the positioning of your website in the search results. Despite Google’s assertion that no-follow tags are mostly ignored, if you’re attempting to build links, you should concentrate on acquiring do-follow links. For that purpose, you can easily concentrate on do-follow forums.


Final Words

Finding, identifying, and developing quality links is essential if you want to rank well in the SERPs; as a result, it’s critical to be aware of what to look for and how to get started.


Maintaining your focus and considering these tips will help you distinguish your company from the competition in the rapidly growing online betting market.


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