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How to Establish the Best Connections With Players in the iGaming Industry


It is common knowledge that the support team’s only duties are interacting with users and resolving technical issues. But not everyone is aware that these specialists take part in a variety of business operations.


Employees of the iGaming marketing support service field numerous inquiries from users, so they are aware of how users feel about the project, what they like and don’t like, and what improvements they anticipate. This information is given to the departments that specialize in producing the product. The employees of other departments then provide feedback to the support service on what will and won’t be included in the proposal. By interacting with the players, online casino websites may answer their needs more rapidly and keep up a conversation with them.


Reply Speed

The first factor considered and the focus of every client is the response time. The player’s perception of the project and its creators is developed at this point.


Support services typically respond within a day, however some do so with satisfaction within a few hours. The worst scenario is when support is only available from Monday through Friday during business hours.


It is extremely upsetting to learn automatically upon request that the support service is not now operational.


The Convenience of Communication Channels 



Is it simple to report a problem, or do you need to complete a survey before contacting support?


The “Write in support” button is typically already present in the game, which is handy. The options to “Contact the agent on the gaming site” or “Contact by mail” are also frequently available. The best scenario is when you can communicate with the agent exclusively through the game (for example, in chat).


Discomfort is brought on by “moving” from the game to the mail, additional survey form filling, the requirement to register and provide pin codes, and the lack of a back message indicating that the application was accepted. In some instances, customers may only offer the bare minimum of information regarding the case when responding using the supplied template, particularly for the first appeal.


Once more, this demonstrates to the customer your genuine interest in both their thoughts and ideas, as well as the casino portal’s continued commitment to providing excellent customer service. Additionally, if the player’s thoughts or proposals seem rational and useful, customer service should try to implement them as soon as possible.


The Presence of Knowledgeable FAQ

A website, online portal, social network, or application’s FAQ area, commonly referred to as “Frequently Asked Questions,” has been on the internet for a very long time. Its objective is to respond quickly to any inquiries that potential visitors might have.


Any issue can occasionally be resolved independently, but the player won’t be aware of it unless.


  1. a) The FAQ is comprehensive and clear;


  1. b) The FAQ is simple to find.


Resource administrators’ lives are made easier by FAQ because they don’t have to respond repeatedly to the same inquiries. Most businesses have well-written FAQs, but occasionally they might be hard to find or contain useless questions and issue examples.


Using the Appropriate Templates for Each Situation

When using templates to respond, it follows that the client frequently receives information in return that is unrelated to his problem, and the player’s loyalty suffers. Receiving an automatic “Thank you for the feedback” answer when the feedback is not intended to be feedback is particularly unpleasant.


Formal responses and responses based on templates are highly aggravating because they make the player feel uninterested and unmotivated and downplay the significance of their issue. Support frequently provides in-game currency as remuneration under challenging situations. Still, against the backdrop of canned responses, this gives the customer the impression that they are trying to buy him off and don’t want to deal with him.


The Effectiveness of Support for VIP and Non-VIP Players

It makes sense that there should be a priority, but it is ridiculous how frequently players without VIP rank are treated with a “write and close” strategy. Demo players’ devotion is just as crucial as paying users’ loyalty. Everyone can rate an app on the store, write a negative review, and spread unfavorable sentiment on social media.


Many online casino websites still have room to grow, according to DEEP.MARKETING.BRANDING’s research of the support industry. The user’s happiness and good mood, not merely speed, ultimately determine the quality of the service rendered by the support service.


2022 Dec 22

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